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Reduce sun damage and hyperpigmentation at Face and Body Laser Hawaii with Pastelle. Our procedure reduces the appearance of melasma, dark spots, age spots, acne scarring.

The Pastelle is a highly efficient and safe laser to treat all types of pigmentation concerns, acne and acne scarring, toning, and tattoo removal.

Pigmentation: For pigmentation treatment, the specialized Pastelle laser is attracted to pigmentation in our skin. The laser breaks up and shatters the darker colored areas and uneven skin tones, which are then eliminated by our body’s natural process through the Lymphatic System.

Enlarged Pores and Wrinkles: To treat enlarged pores and wrinkles the Pastelle also performs a soft laser peel and free running (FR) peel. The Pastelle laser delivers energy to target tissues in shorter bursts than regular lasers, which disturb the cells containing pigment within the skin. The Pastelle is ideally suited to pigmentation concerns including tattoos, sunspots, freckles, and birthmarks.

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